Our story, starts in a land, far to the east, called Florida…

Central Florida seems like a strange place for adventure to spring from, but that’s where our story begins, as it was the home base for our four boys. Being staunch fanatics for board games of all shapes and sizes, January of 2018 saw the conception of the first D&D campaign, Storm King’s Thunder run by Guvy at the time, which was the first one simultaneously containing all four of our boys. Having great synergy and wonderful interactions, the idea of recording the campaign for a podcast was brought up and unanimously agreed upon. Not acting too hasty, our four boys used this campaign to perfect and hone their trade. Now fully equipped and ready for production our four boys are here with a brand new, fully original campaign (written by David) for your enjoyment! Now sit back, grab a drink, and listen to the tale, that comes to you from afar…

David – The DM

“Be good, and if you can’t be good, be sneaky.”

Who is David Tilstra you ask? David was on a fast track to the top. Rapidly climbing the ladders of seven different fortune 500 companies. Rapidly winning over the world with his unparalleled charm, quick wit, and cut throat business mind. Everyone expected David to far surpass anything any other human had in recent memory. But after he declined the presidency 6 time before the age of 15, as well as the new position created just for him Hegemon of Earth. People began to ask, what did David really want to do? Through out his early high-school years David enrolled in improv classes at SAK comedy lab in Orlando Florida. After completing 2 levels of that shit, David went and attended southern Adventist University perusing a degree in film production. During his time at school while constantly contracting with the united states armed forces as a warrior trainer and strategic consultant, he also participated in several improv groups, eventually leading his schools improv team, as well as starting a street improv team with his brother Andy, and two friends Christian and Gudval. During this time the world watched with bated breath wondering, what would David do. After moving to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue the humble dream of becoming a screenwriter and director, the mysterious fog that surrounded David began to clear up. It was clear he wanted to be a story teller. So it wasn’t a huge jump, and people weren’t surprised when David started playing dungeons and dragons. The real question is what will David do next? Is the hegemony back on the table? Or will this podcast take precedent? No one knows, but we all watch eagerly.

Gudval – Sieghart

“My name is Gudval Maxson, I know it’s a weird name, don’t hold it against me.”

Allow me to take you back to a High school in central Florida. I joined an improv team, which was almost canceled before it ever began, and I unexpectedly met some of my absolutely best friends. After almost a decade of friendship, we started to find ourselves scattered around the U.S. Enter D&D- our way of staying connected and involved in each other’s lives. Over the last year we played via the internet and had a blast. Laughs were had, tears were shed, and villains faced down. After having so much fun with a loose interpretation of Storm King’s Thunder, we decided to give a go at an all original campaign by David. I’ve always had a love for acting, voices, writing, and directing. When I found D&D it instantly became an outlet for my creative side.  However, outside of one-shots and a yearlong run at Princes of the Apocalypse, I’ve primarily been a Forever DM who can’t help but spend free time learning as much as I can about D&D, writing up homebrew campaigns, enemies, items etc. I’ve always been a fantasy buff, and getting the chance to write our own fantasy stories as a group of friends is one of my favorite parts of the week (or month, adult scheduling is hard).

Christian – Kipa

“Christian is a bomb-ass dude with a flair for the debonair. He’s not exactly sure what that means but it sounded nice.”

Christian is a totally normal human dude who loves hunting and gathering as well as socializing with other humans. As a life-time human he is very skilled at being bipedal and breathing with his lung. On occasion he has been known to play a mean game of I am finished with this bit I have run out of things to say. Hello I am Christian and I am a lot of things. I’m a friend to many and an ever learning artist, I love traveling and also not traveling, I enjoy making plans but also improvising. More than anything I love stories and spending time with good friends. That’s what DND is about to me, another excuse to be around my buds making them laugh and having a good time creating something special. My love of collaborative storytelling began with improv acting. In high school Andy, Guvy, and I helped revive an improv team that David had started years back. We would go on to be trained by SAK Comedy Lab improvisers and start our own group on the side, doing street performances in Orlando, FL. We all were on more groups in college and eventually this love of on-stage storytelling translated into the world of imagination that is Dungeons and Dragons.

I’m a photographer and videographer as well. You can check out my website at www.christianspinella.com to see my work!

Andy – Aereus

“I would like to roll to look around.”

Andy has been an avid lover of D&D for several years, going from a Brother Banus character who crit failed at opening doors to Pasta Boiii Raguvious, half-elf wizard extraordinaire who had a particularly strong penchant for getting knocked out. For Andy, D&D has been both a creative outlet to practice his artistic skills and also a communal area to participate in shared improv, all while drinking good beer and having merriment with great friends. Originating from the swamps of central Florida, in the autumn of 2018 Andy moved across the country to the Midwest to pursue his education, splitting himself from his home, family, partner and friends. Because of this move, D&D serves as more than just a creative outlet and hobby; it serves as a glue to keep friendships and old relationships thriving. Playing the Hobgoblin Samurai Aereus Honos, Andy hopes to bring an old, miserly type of humor and flavor to the party, with aim to co-experience and co-create a narrative that will stand the test of time.

Guest stars!

Jared – Tua’Rohk

Jared is a producer and filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. Every single one of his D&D characters is loosely based on a professional wrestler. He’s available for all of your film, tv and D&D needs. Check out his twitter which is mostly sad jokes and pro-socialist retweets. He was the first guest-star on the podcast, and let us tell you, he set the bar high.

Tua-Rohk is a tribal island dwarf and storm herald barbarian. He’s looking for his people and he’ll elbow drop anyone off the top ropes who gets in his way. Or disembowel them, really their call. He’s got a heart of gold and prefers to let his pecs do the talking. First to be officially indoctrinated into the Furious Fathers.

Check out Jared’s exit interview here!