Episode 11: On the Road to Adventure, the First Steps Begin Eleven Episodes In

With a heading, our boys make sail from Neverwinter port. Having made somewhat of an explicit departure, it seems that their absence won’t go unnoticed, especially after Sieghart’s surprise return. Also, Kipa may have sent a few ripples through the local police force, having dispatched a particular despicable racist zealot after said zealot had accosted Aereus. Luckily, the crew of the Sea Monster are not unfamiliar with hasty get-aways. With a strange and mysterious destination in mind, our boys and crew spend a few days of leisure, enjoying the brief moments of respite and relaxation which have been preceded by episodes of intensity. But, even aboard silent ships can danger and mystery be palpable. Where is the crew going? What exactly is Earl and Nalomi working on? And who the hell is Cookie??? Find out this week from afar, on From Afar Podcast! We are here for you, you only need to listen. Enjoy!

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