Episode 12: Have You Ever Seen An Elephant Fly? No, But Is That a Floating Island Up There?

Our boys have arrived at the location Captain Fal’kjun saw in the telescope, but it seems that the destination was not on land but above it! Floating isles in the middle of the sea; this was not what anyone was expecting. How can the crew of the Sea Monster even reach such high altitudes? Well fear not dear listener, for you have never heard or experienced a crew like that of the Sea Monster! With a few tricks up their sleeves (and a lot of luck), our boys have all they need to retrieve the Sword of the Seven Seas. But why is it located within a mass of floating isles? How was Captain Fal’kjun able to use the telescope and our boys were not? Can Aereus stomach such great heights? Find out the answer to (some) of these questions right here from afar, on From Afar Podcast! Thought we were down and out? HAH! Think again!

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