Episode 13: The Viner Things in Life Require a Sense of the D’Vine

Following a trail leading to the Sword of the Seven Seas, our boys find themselves hundreds of feet above the ocean in the midst of a flock of Floating Isles, faced with skeletons seemingly animated by vines. Being no strangers to danger, our party explores the islands armed and ready. Not only does the vegetation not bode well, but it seems that our boys were not the first ones to find the Floating Isles, and a strange history is slowly painted for the party. But what happened on these mysterious Floating Isles before our party arrived? Who, or what, were the original inhabitants? And will Sieghart finally have the opportunity to perform a Fast-Ball Special? Find out this week, from afar, on From Afar Podcast!

Did your friends forget to invite you to the local barbecue with all the members of the Homeowner’s Association? Then never fear! You are always remembered here at FAPodcast!

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