Episode 14: The King of Sky Island Will See You Now

The boys are reaching new heights, as they almost come crashing down. The flora has proven to be not only dangerous, but mysterious, with some strange goop that even Gwyneth Paltrow would be disgusted by. However, our party comes face to face with some original and not so violent inhabitants of the islands, who seem to be in just as dire of a bind as Sieghart, Aereus and Kipa. Will our boys have the resources, wherewithal, and knowledge of Nintendo history to not only help Sky Island royalty, but also find what they were sent to retrieve: The Sword of the Seven Seas. Who knows, everyone may just turn vegetarian after this episode, along with the help of a very cute, and fluffy friend. Tune in, drop in, turn off, and/or explode from afar, in this week’s installment of From Afar Podcast, with your favorite long-distance friends!

Afraid of heights? Well, so is Aereus. So deal with it, ya millennial.  

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