Episode 15: Who Ordered the Monster Caeser Salad with Thousand Islands Dressing and Extra Pain on the Side?

They found it; the Sword of the Seven Seas. All was strung as tight as a bow-string, and as Kipa pulled the engraved blade from the cursed ground, hell broke loose. Lark, the King of Sky Island, warned the party that there was something bad guarding the sword, but it wasn’t until the blade was pulled free that the goop hit the wind-fan. Not one, but two cursed bears made of stone and vine were raised from the cursed flora to meet our heroes in battle over the deadly oceanic artifact. No longer is the party fighting kobolds in market districts; no longer are troglodytes being bashed over the head with stalagmites and broom handles. Our boys are face to face with a threat that won’t hesitate to kill them, and all the cards have been dealt. The arbiters that will determine our story are the dice, and they have 20 answers to our one Question.

Tune in this week to your favorite long distance friends from afar, to From Afar Podcast!

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