Episode 18: Ain’t No Time Like the Present, or Past, or Future.

Ever wonder who these characters are that you have been listening to for a few months now? Ever wonder who the hell our heroes are? Were you curious about how we never had a squad name? Well look no further, stop holding your breath, and let those horses go wild, because let us introduce to you the Furious Fathers! Kipa, Aereus, and Sieghart, after solidifying their relationships and revealing some of their backstory, have some downtime to explore, develop, and talk to the crew of the Sea Monster. After the Floating Islands arc, our party is ready to gather some answers and have a well deserved breather. But is the Sea Monster safe? Are all on the ship affable towards our parties motives, or even the motives of Captain Fal’kjun? Why has it taken us 18 episodes to finally figure out our party’s name? Well folks! Now you have 100% reason to remember the name, and that name is the Furious Fathers!

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