Episode 19: The Boys are Back in Town (Boys are Back in Town) (Towwnnnnn towwnnnnn!)

Quiet. Too quiet. The town of Neverwinter, the bustling metropolis which our heroes first arrived at earlier, is as silent as Jake’s backstory. The streets, usually riddled with peddlers and citizens, are empty, and a sheer wind blows eerily through the stones. Something is wrong, and It doesn’t take Slal’s critical eye to see it. With this palpable danger, our heroes must find Icarus to get next steps regarding the Sword of the Seven Seas, wading through thick quiet and deafening emptiness in Neverwinter. But what is lying in wait? Or who? And will Icarus know what to do with the Sword of the Seven Seas and the Telescope, or will it turn into another befuddling and confusing riddle? Only one way to find out, and so, our heroes gear up in disguises, fake personas, and reconnoitering spells to best prepare for the eerie city. What has happened? To find out, tune in this week, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Ever wonder how much we can talk? Same! There’s no end!

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