Episode 20: Old Armor and Old Friends

A knock at the door. Blood on the ground. A scrap of an antler. A strange voice in Kipa’s head. What does it all mean? Where is Icarus and Minnow? How can our party do what needs to be done with the telescope without their guidance? These questions and more race through our heroes minds as they find themselves corned at the Labyrinth by the Lord’s Alliance. But help comes in strange ways, from strange friends. Armed with the allies of a new alliance, our heroes find themselves in a race to get back to the Sea Monster, and a whole army is between them and safety. It is in this hour that old weights need to be shed, and old friendships are tried. Sieghart’s connection with the Lord’s Alliance is pulled to the point of snapping in the form of a desperate plea and show of faith from his old friend, William Corvier. But, is this all that our heroes must face? Or is there more to this story, and picture, than we realize?

This week, instead of original artwork, we have instead original music to accompany this episode written by our very own Andy Tilstra, voice of Aereus. The song is called Electus’s Eulogy.

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