Episode 21: If the Real Thing Don’t do the Trick, Barracuda

Face to face with the Lord’s Alliance armada, surrounded on all sides in the bay of Neverwinter, our heroes have few options. Either they fight, die, or remove the Eye of Neth from the telescope. But what will happen if they cut the Eye from the telescope? Will it be just as dangerous as an armada? But then again, how can the Sea Monster and our three heroes fight against an armada of trained Lord’s Alliance soldiers and sailors? Well, it seems that our stellar group of pirates have a few tricks up their sleeves, including but not limited to a little vehicle called a Barracuda. Bolstered with a new resolve, our party pick up their weapons, muster their mettle, and bellow their war-cries as they sail headlong into a cloud of enemy ships. Tensions are high, camaraderie is even higher, and uncertainty is palpable. Listen in to see what happens next, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Ever wonder how many shatters it takes to get to the gooey center of a frigate ship? Apparently it’s not about how many, but rather, the aim. Thanks for listening!

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