Episode 23: To Make a Story Omelette You Have to Break a Few Prisms

Don’t break the prism. Cut out the Eye of Neth. Use the Sword of the Seven Seas. Our Furious Fathers have done all as they should, keeping both Lord’s Alliance at bay while following the cryptic orders of a strange riddle. But where are they now? Where have our heroes found themselves? It seems that slicing the Eye off the telescope was not as catastrophic as was expected, however the outcome was just as surprising. A white space. A place of nothingness, filled with a voice of a young girl. A girl who has the power to peer into the past of those under her scrutiny. What does she want? What connection does she have with Neth? How will our heroes escape? And when will Rodney and Jeff’s funeral take place? Find out the answer to some and all of these from afar, to From Afar Podcast!

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