Episode 26: Okay, (Kracks Knuckles) Let’s Do This!

The sea boils. Crystals turn to black. And the Sea Monster is in danger. Our party has found themselves in the middles of nowhere geographically and in the middle of danger metaphorically. Slal is terrified of what lies under the water, and Captain Fal’kjun is indisposed of (a little too quickly by the Powerful and Strong Sieghart.) Land is still a far ways off, which means if a battle were to ensue, it could get ugly. But does this unseen danger want the death of the whole crew, or something else? It would seem that our party has little rest when the plot is so RIFE with intrigue and energizing advancement. However, are our Furious Fathers and Sea Monsters ready for battle in such disadvantageous circumstances? What is it that turned Slal’s crystal black? And is Sieghart truly, truly, TRULY as smart as he seems? To find out, tune in this week from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Ahoy ye landlubbers, we have BOOTY!