Episode 28: Despite All My Rage, I Am Still A Hobgoblin In A Cage.

Are you ready to explore? Because our Furious Fathers have landed on the island they have painstakingly been crawling towards ever since arriving from the portal. With the somber events of the Kraken’s fight behind them, our party strives to learn as much as possible in order to move forward to find both sworn nemeses and friends alike. But this strange jungle of an island may have no clues for our heroes, yet they must push on. However, it has become common knowledge that this world holds monsters and strange creatures in the underbrush, so don’t hold your breath. With a small group of Sea Monsters, Kipa, Aereus, and Sieghart strike out to find anyone who would be able to give them much needed information and even more needed help with a badly damaged ship. But they must be careful, they aren’t in Neverwinter anymore. Tune in to get your daily dose of Dungeon David from afar, on From Afar Podcast!

This episode was also designed with the help of our friends at Underground Oracle Publishing! Thanks so much Jess and Keith!