Episode 30: The Sushi Don’t Fall Too Far From the Tree

Emboldened by the direction given by Hurnininininininin, our heroes are ready to set out first thing in the morning, right after they get Aereus out of a gelatinous cube. Sometimes, you attune to the magical items, and sometimes they attune to you. However, with their new companion, our Furious Fathers have more than enough help from the locals in order to find this mysterious and strange beast which Hurninininnininininininininin believes to be poisoning the sacred waters. It seems like a straightforward job; find the monster, kill it, and return to the quest giver, but is anything in D&D ever that straightforward? And will our Maddy Daddies be able to find the beast on this island, without knowing the size or topography? They have done stranger things, and with fewer resources, so if you doubt our Peeved Paters, then you must not understand the power of love. We don’t need money, don’t need fame, don’t need a credit card to ride this train. All you need is some righteous vengeance against those who have wronged your offspring. If you need a good dose of paternal spleen, then tune in from afar, to From Afar Podcast!

In addition, we want to give a huge thank you to Jess and Keith of Underground Oracle Publishing! This island arc has been material designed by them and we are proud to be able to playtest it for them.

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