Episode 31: What’s Your Strength Modifier? Oh Yea, It’s Friendship

After a rough and tough fight where the line between ally and enemy became blurred and confused, our Furious Fathers return to Hurnininininininininininin hoping to see the results of their labors. However, it would seem that fate made this plot-line a little more complicated than a simple hunt and destroy. Being met with another dead-end, direction comes in the form of a strange and benevolent ally through a vague medium. But this episode doesn’t happen solely within the confines of beaver territory; the Sea Monster awaits to hear the news of our Paternal Patriots, hoping for good news. And even with our Maddy Daddies holding their heads high, the facade is showing cracks and blemishes, being the foreshadows of a shooketh inner workings. Having been struck by the proximity of failure, are our Furious Fathers as stalwart as they seem? What does the cornerstone lean upon when it is feeling weak? And is the Sea Monster just a friendship? Find out the emotional intelligence of every goblin in the multiverse by tuning in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! We have the MEATS.