Episode 32: The Mending of Stone

Prism has awoken. The stone has been mended. The girl no longer sleeps. The Fathers have kept her safe and brought her to health, atoning for lifetimes of confusion. With Prism now a functioning member of society, our heroes have a chance to get answers to questions that have plagued them since the Sunken City. But it would seem that with the actions of the Father, the Child is held accountable. Gaps and spaces in knowledge give our heroes a hodge-podge picture, however one that still conveys a direction. A direction that our Peeved Paters have been hunting and gnashing their teeth in order to acquire. With this in mind, and having restored the Mahna, our heroes’ work is done on the island, and so, must start the intricate weave of saying farewell. However, these are the fibers of heroes and titans, to which are threaded into the preceding tapestries of story, where the fibrous past mingles with a crystallizing future. As one crew member is welcomed, so does one carry on their way. But will this new acquisition of Prism’s knowledge be enough for our heroes? Will the fog dissipate in order to allow a steady journey? And what the hell is Skrype? Keep your lips tight and those knees bent, as we launch you into a world from afar, in From Afar Podcast! Stick the landing!

Art by Patrick! You can find him on social media @tolemach