Episode 34: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 1

Yar, me mateys! This here episode marks the start of our first arc, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster! With an emboldened direction, our heroes and crew feel the fickle tickle of that wispy seductress known as wind; filling their sails and their hearts as they soar into the unknown that lay so tantalizingly close on the horizon. And with such travels comes the luxury of gambling and downtime, as Kipa Willowind blesses you with his very own fireside chat! Let Christian wisp you away into trees that know no bounds, expose you to bazaars colorful and extravagant, lo about a culture that is thrown into disarray and yarn to your wonderful ear palettes of an agrarian militia. He has spared no details and has casted his memory perfectly as he gives a glimpse through the portcullis of storytelling into the soul of a troubled halfling. After the iridescent bard is finished, our Furious Fathers settle into a long journey, finding solace through camaraderie and community. However, destinations can be strange things, being neither here nor there, or even, white or black. But where is the compass taking them? Will they find friend or foe at the destination? Will Doc ever finish his degree? If you have a chungus for a bungus, then get on that Risk of Rain 2 as we boys slam some smooth nectar from afar, at From Afar Podcast! Go on, git!