Episode 35: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 2

Last we left our party, they was face to face with a strange mist, sanguine in color and enigmatic in character, where their navigational direction seemed to end. With this pernicious condensation gawking at our Paternal Party, and the unbearable known journey behind them, it seems to be nothing more than a dead end. However, those unfortunate assumptions and assuages are the begetters of stories of horror and myth, where it is either hero triumphant or villain brutal that arises from the narrative ashes, and our situation is no different. The sanguine mist hides a sinister, insidious force, with eyes set upon one crew member. Met with this opposition, our crew must spring into action in order to defend their word, honor and friends, but for what reason is it that the puppet master so masterfully pulls the strings? Why would it seem that this unfathomable location holds a means to defend itself against protagonist intruders? To find that answer, our Furiosa Fatheras will rely again upon the ingenuity of their cephalopod and pachyderm friends, who’s bag of tricks is larger than any Bag of Holding. Armed, equipped and curious, our Aquanauts take the plunge and dive into the next chapter of our story, eager and emboldened to find what, or who, would wish them harm. If these words tickled those ear-gullets of yours, or any other part of your body then tune in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Gulp, gulp, fizz, fizz!