Episode 37: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 4

We last left our Fathers at the hands of a strange sahuagin and small creature at the bottom of the vast ocean, sure to be speared from several unseen scaley hands as though to start a small aqua barbacoa, but no. Our Petulant Paters have lady luck on their side, as they, for once, make friends and not kill the strange creatures. Having opened his mouth and communicated in the Queen’s English, the stranger proves to be a font of vital information, spewing forth like the volcanic bottom-zits that surround our heroes. However, words are one thing – vibrato in nature with a side of stank- it is rather the motion of the ocean that makes the plot thicken, and our Abrasive Abbas have heard enough! With an additional combo deal of NPC’s by their side, it is time for the party to trek the long ways, through the rotted underbelly of corrupted maritime landscape. And as they advance, so does the complexity of story, for one does not simply walk into an underwater bastion of death. They must first, set a diversion. But not one close, rather, one from afar, as you tune in this week to From Afar Podcast! Look out! Mayonnaise!