Episode 39: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 6

A choice. An ideological fork in the road. Where we last left our Petulant Paternals was watching helpless as two groups of corrupted sahuagin take two victims away in either direction. But are they really helpless? Watching such blatant disregard for life may stoke a fire in some of our heroes, but may also kindle the embers of resolve, which may or may not serve the same intensity and purpose. However, even though our party knows what it means to stand side by side, sometimes that may be done with a grumble of resistance and staunch stubbornness, rather than exuberant enthusiasm. But what is the best choice of action? How are our heroes of just four (five if you count Sep) tackle this unknown mass of corruption and authoritarianism? Sometimes in moments like these, it’s all you can do to act, and maybe find a strange way for a cantrip to rip through the mental acuity of all those around you and bend the actual fabrics of what it means to beyblade a sphincter from the inside. If you want to find out the juicy, mile-long answer and experience, then tune in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! That will be 2 psychic damage, please.¬†

 Theme song, written by Josh Lowell Anderson, has been redone by our good friends Evan Closser and Kat Albanese (Coach Kit)!