Episode 40: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 7

Last episode, we left our Paters at the great eclipse of the heart from the victim of Kipa’s deadly external nether-magic, as they overcame the sahuagin enemies transporting the valuable prisoner. Having freed her, and possible scarring her for life, the Fathers get information of what they are up against. But, it would seem they lay at a fork in the road. Will they take the road less traveled? Or will they take the road more direct? In making the decision, heads slam together and fundamental ideologies are steeled against each other like iron anchor and bronze katana, sparking forth with the determined fire of wizened soldiers. If you want to know how the Trio Trespassers effectively communicate their feelings, tune in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Don’t worry, we will support you in your mortgage!