Episode 41: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 8

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Having made their critical conversation concerning their choices and outcomes, the Furious Fathers are on the straight and narrow to help Lillia save the prisoners in hopes of having it cause enough of a distraction for the Fathers to get to Selrock. But by making these choices, what consequences will emerge, piercing at those inopportune times in the narrative? Will a clear conscious help protect our Heroes from the fallout of their moralistic choices? These questions hang thick in the murky oceanic air as our party moves through the hodge-podge strange city towards the prisoner’s pit. Aided by magical items and steel will, the peturiolous paters aim to start a revolution to get to the tower and find out what Selrock is doing to these people. However, just as a crooked coin still has two sides, there are two outcomes to a choice, and there’s blood in the water. But enough hemophilia talk! Need another Tylenol? Then tune in this week, from afar, to From Afar podcast! Nothing sucks like an electrolux!