Episode 42: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 9

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Welcome back this week, as we join our Fathers on the doorstep of destiny! Being subjugated to the horrible death ritual performed by Selrock on top of the eerie tower, our Heroes watched hopelessly as their companion was taken hostage. Now, they must decide how best to act, following several tense conversations about what it means to be an effective warrior, hero, and friend. And, as the saying goes, the skin of a cat has 9 layers, so choose your instrument wisely. Taking the seemingly most effective pathway, the party struggles against the deepest most complex of puzzles ever published in an antique bookstore west of the northern hemisphere of the Mississippi in the southern United States. However, inside the tower, reality seems to be a suggestion. Pulling back the door reveals not only another door, but several windows into reality, that confuse, befuddle, and clarify the unknown for the protagonists in our story. But what does it mean when someone who you may not understand knows the words to your soul? What does it mean to be met with conflicting information that shakes your very ideals? What does it mean to be a dog person over cat person? If these questions have you scratching the rump of a domestic short-hair, then tune in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! The strongest teeth of all the teeth!

Artwork by our good friend Inferential Studios! You can find them on our discord and twitter, at @EyeEnEffStudios!