Episode 44: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 11

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Having finally arrived at the foot of the Corrupted Throne, our Bodacious Begetters find themselves face to face with the Baron of Sahuagins, the Sultan of Sharks, the Great Shambino, the Big Fish, the Behemoth of the Below, the Wham Blam Call Him Pam Fishy Man, Selroc. But a dog’s bark is worse than it’s bite, right? Well, whatever chuckle buckle said that never met a shark man, covered in eyes, with four absolutely beyblade ripped arms and a huge sentient shark club. But our Fathers have faced formidable foes before, ranging from nautical pod racers to iron bars, and this fish is in danger of being fileted. Steeled with the raging fire of 11 episodes of underwater narrative adventure, and a host of questions still unanswered, the room at the top of the tower is charged with electricity as the corrupted and proud sahuagin meets the steely gaze of 3 protagonists filled with the god-given power of an author. Are our heroes ready for this strange, demonic marine chump? Or will they fall prey to the Black Tooth, becoming part of the file and ranks of the underwater corrupted army that Selroc commands? Or is Chick-Fil-A in for a nasty disruption as a new niche, protestant fast food chain becomes an overnight success using the bodies of fish hominids as protein? Get your investing stock in the right venture this week, from afar, on From Afar Podcast! Did you know there’s a fish named a Sarcastic Fringehead? Must make a great sidekick!

Episode artwork by the phenomenal Jules, where you can find more of their work at @drosshollow!

Artwork for Selroc’s incredible weapon by one of our oldest friends and incredible artist Inferential Studios! You can find more of their artwork at @EyeEnEffStudios.