Episode 46: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 13

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The Symbol of Neth as sketched onto Aereus’s piece of leather, captured from Electus’s funeral. Golden circle added after Selroc’s tower.

Breaching the surface, the Furious Fathers arise from the depths of the hellish marine victorious, yet also paired with somber loss. They found minus, defeated Selroc, helped to start a revolution against the strangely demonic sect of Sahuagins, and made new friends while also losing others. While the time is meant for utter celebration, there is work to be done, and souls to be remembered. As well, Minus’s ruby has been added to the crew, increasing the roster by another Atlantian. With Prism and him in conjunction, there is further scope as to what needs to be done, and the Paters are waterlogged and anxious to get to the horizons. Not only is there advancement of story, but also of mechanical character, as the boys get not one, or one and a half, but two levels from this arc! But as advancement is progress, one step forward may incur two steps back, and bygones can’t always be bygones for our heroes. With the safety of the Sea Monster enshrouding our party from the terrors defeated from the depths, internal terrors seem to double in effort, rising as an ethereal hydra to claim what was once agreed upon on islands of old. And what is to happen if vows are made in earnest haste? Join us as we sail with you in tow to realms unknown, from afar, on From Afar Podcast! Borg throws the best cheese-balls!