Episode 47: Maritime Interlude #1

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Siegart, the Onyx Paladin, in his armor crafted by Blaze using the ink sacks from the Cephoreal on Garshep Island. Art by Jules, @drosshollow.

The boys are BACK for 2021 as they welcome in the new calendar year with a maritime interlude! Opening the episode is a fresh new, shtanky fireside chat led by Sieghart explaining the not so solitary isolation on the island he was marooned at. Even though the underlying simmer of humor is a baseline for FAP, the inception of Sieghart’s impetus for adventure is complicated, fraught with fatherly and husband responsibilities both bolstering and daunting. As the Fathers learn about their troubled chaplain, they take some much needed time after a hair-raising arc to understand the growth and developments that took place under and above the water. Sieghart’s most terrifying recent realization makes him come to the other protagonists with frightening questions. Aereus must figure out what exactly it is his ancestors want from him, and Kipa studies mysterious items and their importance after retrieving them several episodes ago, in classic FAP fashion, from Icarus’s labyrinth. As growth happens for all, it means crossing thresholds into points of no return, repeatedly and both intentionally and unknowingly. Our characters are no longer the misguided daddies from before, but have purpose, headings, and above all else, each other. With that, they can drink any of James Wagonblast’s potions, no matter the color. If you wanted a good ass-whoopie pie today, then train your ears no further than right here, as you tune in from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Hammer time!