Episode 48: Maritime Interlude #2

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Earl, the Cannon Loxodon, standing proud and brandishing his weapon of choice. Art by Jules, @drosshollow.

Welcome back you loveable personages of absolute splendor, to the second episode of the Maritime Interlude, as the Furious Fathers take you through roleplaying and exposition they further flesh out and give reflection to their previous arc and what it meant for their growth. Aereus and Sieghart exchange a masculine smoky and musky conversation about their ideologies, while Kipa does something not necessarily in character with his previous actions. All of which further pushes the boundaries of what exactly is going on with this story, giving another brief peek into a deeper, more complex web of understanding that supports the strange existence of Atlantis and how it interconnects more than seems to be possible. This is further instated, as the Fathers are summoned by Minus and Prism to Prism’s room. It is there that she is excited to show them that, as may have been forgotten, she is not entirely human, if at all. So put down that onion, buckle those belters, and challenge that orangutan to a pull-up contest, as we teach you the value of losing competitively from afar, on From Afar Podcast! Remember, a human can fit in a grizzly bear’s stomach, but a grizzly bear cannot fit in a human’s.