Episode Five: All aboard (wait, that doesn’t work, that’s a train joke) the Sea Monster!

Free at last! Ocean in view!

The boys have made it out of prison and aboard the fabled ship of Captain Ed Fal’kjun. On board, our heroes are greeted by Jake Hines, the Jewel of Volcano Bay, who, along with the prodigal shipmate Willem, gives our party a tour of the Sea Monster. Within the three-masted frigate, we come face to face with the crew of the Sea monster, a host of lovable ne’er-do-wells and able-bodied pirates who have quite the operation. It is aboard the Sea Monster that we come face to face with Earl, the cannoned loxadon, as well as Slal, the mind-flayer tinkerer who can give our boys a boost in battle. But, after all that has happened in the prison, and this new reveal about the strange entity Neth, what is going through the minds of our heroes? What happened that caused the grave felling of Aereus’s son? What is Kipa hiding? And what does Sieghardt need to do in the heavens? Our heroes have much to think about as Captain Fal’kjun, along with the crew of the Sea Monster, sail with our party in tow towards the city of Neverwinter. 

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