Episode 50: Knock, Knock, Knockin’ Out Heaven’s Door #2

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The Storyteller (ca. 1309). On loan from the archives of the Iron Library, Asa. Courtesy of the Honos Family. Art by @Gleetaro.

After leaving you wonderful people with a crumbabumbkin of a cliffhanger (who is she?!?!?) we take up right where we left off, in the strange forest. Our Heroes are met with a quizzical stranger, who gives answers but raises more questions, but gives direction, to which the ruins are found. However, when one wants into heaven, one may need to take a roundabout way, or backtrack a little. It is here that our company is once again, met with their greatest adversary: the door. But success is a taste that our Paters have indulged in many a time before, and it is not long before they are met with even more confusing riddles, such as the man in the mirror and if they are gonna make a change, for once in their life. Traversing further into the door-jamboree, our party comes to the threshold of destiny (or maybe hell) and must put their minds together and lean on the pillars of before-times to understand the next move. Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows, ARE YOU HEARING ME? Tune in this Magnanimous Monday from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Turtles and lo-fi chill is this episodes aesthetic.