Episode 56: Knock, Knock, Knockin’ Out Heaven’s Door #8

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Mentor, getting that sweet and beautiful medicine of just desserts. Art by @tolemach!

As the waves lap through the soundscapes of virtual, COVID reality, the party of Party Paternals are split up once again, making choices that impact their story more so than that of a fly on the wall (or maybe a carrot?). Pulling what the zoomie babes call a PRO-GAMER MOVE, Sieghart finds a new pathway into cat-burglary, giving David an opportunity to let that sweet nectar rip. While that Nautical Chaplain suckling is a cuckling, Kipa comes out strong and swinging at El Caballero Rojo, almost ending his short life in the process. But is the Vermillion Vagrant a Villain? Or is the antagonist more holy in nature? Kipa starts putting dots together, as Aereus brushes down the Normal Liam, asking him where his beloved is, because if Liam got invited to the party, then surely he would be here. Right? If you are wondering how to RSVP to said party, then tune in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Did you expect the Spanish Imposition?