Episode Seven: On The Way to Neverwinter

Fresh from the fight with Bolt and his boys, our crew has questions, and few answers. Sieg, Kipa, and Aereus seek the council of Captain Fal’kjun to understand their trajectory as well as find out more about this Icarus. Afterwards, the party explores the Sea Monster, meeting iconic members of the crew and understanding how they all fit within the large ship. A day filled with laughs and bouts unravels as Your heroes interact with the crew, but it is all as a cover-up. Underneath, there is still a sense of uneasiness that is hard to shake. There is still so much that our party does not know, and still old wounds that are in need of healing. Tune in this week to hear about your favorite estranged family members and get your weekly dose of high-seas swashbuckling adventure as your favorite long-distance friends serenade you with tales of wonder and amazement. This is From Afar Podcast!

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