Episode 25: A Return Home

In this episode, we are proud to share with you our first Fireside Chat! This is where one of the players (Andy in this episode) takes the reigns as DM for a scene involving their backstory! This original idea of our STELLAR DM Dave is an attempt at approaching the wonderful game of DND from a new perspective. Let us know what you think! In addition, our Furious Fathers are still lost at sea, floating at an almost aimless pace, but with a destination in mind. But, in these waters, not everything is as it seems. Captain Fal’kjun is out of sorts, and Prism still has not woken up. What is there to do to find the next heading for our crew of the Sea Monster? Did Captain Fal’kjun actually suffer a head injury? And whats a blade of grass got to do with love! Find out the answer to these questions, and maybe not any of them as you tune in from afar, to From Afar Podcast!

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