Episode Eight: Is it Really Never Winter in Neverwinter. Or, Has Winter Finally Come?

After their maiden voyage aboard the sea monster, our boys find themselves standing on the docks of the fabled Neverwinter. With the help of Captain Fal’kjun, the boys set out in search of Captain Fal’Kjun’s long lost friend, and old shipmate, Icarus. As Kipa and Aereus explore the wonder of Neverwinter, Sieghart comes face to face with an old friend, William Corvear, a Commander in the Lord’s Alliance. But will the boys find the elusive Icarus? Will Sieghart be able to stay out of the grasp of the Lord’s Alliance? Will Captain Fal’Kjun succumb to the power of the mango flavored sex-on-the-beach? Who knows?! I mean I do, but you could also, once you listen to this week’s episode of From Afar Podcast! GET ON IT! 

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