Episode Three: Grasping at Straws Part 1

The third installment in The Quest for Atlantis! It is with great pleasure and deepest pride that we proudly present, episode 3!

Join our heroes as they have found themselves face to face with a mysterious stranger in a dark underground castle. This stranger, a pale, hairless dwarf, seems to be in possession of the very telescope that Captain Fal’kjun told them about, but how can this be? Maybe there is more to this telescope than the Captain has let on? And who is the mysterious dwarf who has it? What exactly are those three rings that Sieghardt picked up from that chest? Will our heroes be able to retrieve the telescope without the aid of their trusty weapons? Find out in this installment of From Afar Podcast!

Music Credit:
Intro – John Lowell Anderson
Art Credit:
Episode art – Patrick O’Connor

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