Welcome to From Afar Podcast! The 5e actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast created by four distant friends! Join in on the fun as we whisk you away to far away lands, daring adventures, and mostly just friendly foibles and banter as we include you in a part of our lives that brings us immense happiness and camaraderie.

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Episode 1 is live!!! We are beyond excited to share our first official Episode with you all. After so long anticipating being able to go on this journey with you we four are ecstatic. You can find Episode 1 on all major podcast platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Alexa, and our website). If you are so inclined please subscribe/follow, download, and rate/review the Episode so we can continue to have more people find us! Doing these things gives us a chance of being highlighted and promoted by these podcast platforms! We shall love you forever. Please send us your thoughts and comments by using the hashtag #FAPcast Hoist the anchor and get ready for some fun cause the From Afar boys are officially here. Artwork by our own Dan Tilstra, father of Andy and David!

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