Episode 10: A How-To Guide: How to Definitively End Racism

Elevators! Fawns! Hot pockets, oh my! Icarus’ work/pawn shop seems to have it all! Our party, after receiving critical information about Neth and Atlantis, has decided to help Icarus in order to achieve their goals. Going off a strange page from a strange book, Icarus tasks our favorite heroes with a strange riddle, which gives hint to seven artifacts that potentially answer the question surrounding the whereabouts of Atlantis. Cocked and loaded, our party is emboldened with a new heading, given by an old friend and new comrade, which leads to a destination concerning both Neth and Atlantis. Tune in this week from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Are you tired of a life without us? Then look no further! Episode 10 is here!

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