Episode 16: Out of the Flying Pan and into the Fire

Falling. Everything is falling. Death has been welcomed unto the islands, and the islands respond in kind. Our party is in grave danger, having no way down to the Sea Monster in a safe manner. But all is not lost, and the party is not alone. In addition to having height issues, the party has retrieved the Sword of the Seven Seas, and with new wealth, comes new dangers. The Sword is an old artifact with friends in both high and low places, and maybe some are closer than they seem. How did the Sword get up to the Sky Islands? What was its purpose for being up there? Well, if there is one thing for sure, is that YOU are the most welcomed and esteemed guest here that there ever shall be. Come in, have a seat, check the specials, get your morning coffee, and leave a generous 8% tip for our services. Tune in this week from afar, to From Afar Podcast!

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