Episode 17: With Friends Like These…

Following the harrowing experience with the Winsome Cutlass, Sieghart is shooketh, and he is not alone. He is so shooketh, that he shares a portion of his backstory with the crew of the Sea Monster to explain his connection with the phantom ship that did a drive-by in the previous episode. But it’s not only ghostly strangers that pose a threat, but allies as well. Aboard the Sea Monster, Captain Fal’kjun is met with mutinous crew members who don’t have as supportive a view of our Hero’s quest as Fal’kjun does. It isn’t long before Captain Fal’kjun has to lay down his hard hammer of the law to remind these folks why he isn’t called Cap’n Crunch. But what does the Winsome Cutlass want? Is a mutiny easily quelled? And exactly how diverse is the Sea Monster? Find the answers to these burning, nagging, itching, strangling questions in the future and possibly in this episode as you tune in from afar, to From Afar Podcast!

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