Episode 24: How Wrecked Does A Ship Have To Be, To Be Qualified As A Shipwreck?

Having gone through the eye of the needle (or prism) both literally and figuratively, our Furious Fathers find themselves transported to the middle of an unknown ocean, miles and miles from any observable civilization. However, considering the intensity of the recent events, our party and heroes welcome the downtime. The Sea Monster has escaped the clutches of the Lord’s Alliance Armada, but at what cost? With a new strange passenger, our party turns inward to understand all the new and confusing information regarding Prism and Atlantis. How do all the dots connect? Who trapped Prism in her prison? And how has the world not experienced the exuberant joy and spectacle of our boys in blue, Guff Leatherhead and his incredible, agile and fully insured Pitch Crew! Find out about these and none at the same time, whilst listening from afar, to From Afar Podcast!

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