Episode 29: The Mahna, the Drifter, and the Side Quest

After arriving to a hostile welcome at the mysterious island, our Furious Fathers have made a new friend. Gaining access to the underground bazaar, a shopping spree for some needed items and goods takes place, giving a semblance of normalcy to the crazy last few days for our heroes. However, it can’t stay calm forever around our protagonists, and soon, the leader of the Garshep come to our favorite long distance friends with a plea for help. But not only is it their chief, but another stranger comes forward. An islander, with information that could help our party complete this quest. But will it be enough for our Displeased Daddies? Will our Provoked Padres need anything more? Or will the Bitter Begetters find themselves out on a line? But don’t worry! Tune in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast to find these ancestral answers! Need more of that Vitamin David D? Open up those ear gullets and swallow deeply. In addition, this is our first episode featuring a guest! Welcome Jared, a producer in Hollywood, as he breaks the guest-free mold for the first time on From Afar Podcast. We believe you will really enjoy his character, especially smelling what he cooks up.

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