Episode 33: Yub Nub, Eee Chop Yub Nub

Having helped the Garshep return their deity, the Mahna, killed the Cephoreal, revived Prism and said goodbye to a dear friend, our Furious Fathers find themselves in a position that they have not been in for several episodes: ready to embark. Since their warp from Baldur’s Gate, the Sea Monster has not been in tip-top shape or ready to set sail to sea. But bless her heart, she weathers many a storm, and now not only is it that beautiful ship that leaves the island with reinforcement in spirit and stature, but our Paters as well, bearing both the glory and burden of the Island on their back as they advance. With each step forward on this journey, the choice to keep going becomes more and more challenging, bringing our heroes face-to-face with their morality and desires. Having Prism awake creates not only direction for our team, but deep anguish and confusion for Aereus. Kipa adorns himself with a memento of the island to forever, and Sieghart speaks out. For all your listening needs, we here at From Afar are here for you, raining down like pennies from heaven, for you and me. So tune in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! SHOOBEEDOOBEE!