Episode 38: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 5

Before our heroes lies their greatest challenge yet; a stone wall that has more thicccness than Earl’s retro-nasal. However, the party is in luck, as a strange alarm rings out, distracting the guards from their position. Beyond the wall lay buildings, homes, pseudo-skyscrapers and shops jutting out from the uneven ocean floor at freakish angles, seeming to mimic the gnarled toothed mouth of some strange creature. The uneven streets and alleys of the decaying city glimmer with the slowly drifting lights of anglers and other unknown beasts. And in the middle, pulsates the red light, thrumming in the maladroit way of a heart slowed in time. Their destination is clear, yet the journey seems complex. And in an ironic turn-of events, the rat’s nest of a city seems to represent a deeper, more personal confusion that is plaguing the protagonist paters, one that shakes the foundations of their identity more-so than the fact it has taken this podcast 36 episodes to finally figure out what those rings do that we found in episode 2. But enough heart-break for David, it is the Furious Fathers that truly have internal scorn, as they come closer to the nebulous destination which precipitates the unadulterated answer to their burning question: Are they strong enough? Remember to show up to this episode, pumping iron and pinching steel as we take you all the whey, from afar, on From Afar Podcast! Muscles muscles, that’s our man, if he can muscle, aluminum can!

 In addition, our theme song, written by Josh Lowell Anderson, has been redone by our good friends Evan Closser and Kat Albanese (Coach Kit)!