Episode 51: Knock, Knock, Knockin’ Out Heaven’s Door #3

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Ahoy and well met! This week, we find our Petulant Paternals as they stumble from the M.C. Escher stairways littered with the bodies and corpses of Modrons and Duodrons and Friendlydrons into view of the stunning landscape of Lunia! The heavenly celestial city is one for the perfectionist books, as scores of perfectly and annoyingly beautiful clerics, paladins, and honorable ones hustle and bustle with a holy glow. After a most positive and Pollyanna interaction with a certain Ded Tanson, the Fathers make their way to the city, searching for the Ascension games! However, even in such a bright land, darkness robs the spirit. Members of the group see their finality looming like a mountain before them, seemingly impossible to scale, impossible to withstand. Yet, like the Man from La Mancha said so eloquently, suck it up buttercup. When your knees turn to spaghetti, know that you can always join us, from afar, at From Afar Podcast! Slim Jim was the best character in Freestyle BMX 2.