Entry #35 of Tariq Daynjerine

Entry #35 of Tariq Daynjerine

So, after our multiple days at sea, and hearing Kipa tell that story about his home, I gotta say I was inspired and excited. Maybe today was finally my chance to show the crew that I can handle more on the ship. And I tell you what, I was ready- I wore my clean pants, and a new shirt I got on Garshep Island, and even threw on my lucky skivvies. There I was enjoying a meal in Cookie’s mess hall, and I see Earl enjoying his go to meal—the grey stuff, peanuts, and a nice cup of wine. I’m sitting there working up the courage to go over and ask him for more duties on the ship, recounting in my head the multiple years of faithful service to the Sea Monster. And I tell you what, I finally got that courage to go over there and as I stood up the ship started to slow, and Earl bolted out of there to topside. Turns out we’d finally made it to our heading that the girl, Prism, pointed out. So, I try to keep up with him, but as always Earl is actually quick on his feet.

I lose Earl before I get topside, which is surrounded in this thick red fog, and, of course, there’s the Terrific Trio up on the helm, chatting it up with Slal, Jake, and Prism. I tried to hear what they were saying, but there was just like a long, awkward silence. They eventually pick back up the conversation as Slal has to explain the Gill-suits since, despite being the favorites for the ship, Kipa, Aereus, and Sieghart don’t know how to use half the stuff on the ship. (And it’s not like they ever check in with the guy that KNOWS ABOUT IT ALL ‘CUZ I’VE BEEN ON THIS SHIP SO LONG!)

I’ve got a right mind to go over there and really show them everything I know- heck maybe they’ll even invite me along for whatever they’re gonna be doing down below in the Gill-Suits! But then, out of nowhere a bunch of Sahuagin just explode up onto the deck. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda froze… these guys are scary, big ol’ shark people and I hate sharks… I swear though, I was about to draw my short sword and run up to the helm to help protect Prism, when more of these shark chumps hopped onto the main deck. There were bunches of them- but they weren’t ready for the crew of Sea Monster!

Luckily enough, for some reason, people don’t seem to notice me, and three Sahuagin race past me and start going to blows with Earl, Nailomi, and the boys. Look, I wish I could say that I got in there and helped, but as those chumps ran passed me, they knocked me over… and well, I guess I hit my head… That’s what Patrick said anyway, he came down on his little bucket seat and scooped me up to the crow’s nest. From here I saw everything go down, but I couldn’t get in any of the action and prove myself to Earl! And Patrick got some orange guck on my new shirt…

Looking out over it all though, I saw that dang trio make just such quick work of the shark people- Sieghart THREW his anchor and clotheslined a bunch of them, like 9 of them! Aereus used this really cool, Hobgoblin magic or something and started MELTING people with Cubes of Gel, while just cutting his way through hordes of them with that cool katana (side note, maybe Earl will promote me if I can get a better sword.. Must ask Aereus how he got his). Kipa stood like some half-sized, stalwart guardian protecting Prism and was lopping off shark heads left and right and I swear I saw him get stabbed with a spear and BITTEN, and he just laughed it all off like nothing, and then started blasting away with those colorful spells! Like, how do these guys do all this? I gotta get in with them somehow.

Some weird priestess Sahuagin was trying to press the advance, but thanks to the Trio, she was running out of goons, and I heard her say some weird magic words at Aereus, but it’s like he was so engrossed in battle that he just shrugged it off. I remember Sieghart saying in the messhall how cool he thought Aereus was, and I think he really feels protective of Aereus cause after Sieghart saw that, he charged the priestess and just demolished her with his anchor (and a floating Bust of Kipa? I need to ask him why he has that…). And the strangest thing happens, I see Sieg and Aereus clasp hands as a piercing sound went through everyone’s brains (I got a nosebleed and it dripped on my new shirt…) but after their showing of brotherly love, I think the Sahuagin realized they couldn’t handle us anymore cause they all ran away like their lives depended on it.

Everything calmed down after that, and when I was about to climb down and go talk to the Big three, Patrick stopped me. He looked me in the eye (with those big ol’ eyes of his…. gave me a shudder…) and he said something that really counted for me. I feel like no one ever notices me and he just said “From up here, I see everything on the ship, Tariq, and I see you’re trying your best – but you need to–” and I have to admit I don’t remember the rest of what he said because I was so excited someone finally noticed me! Dirty shirt, soiled skivvies and all!

I started climbing down, and when I finally got down there, I saw something I never expected! Aereus was coming up from below deck shirtless—and let me say, for an older guy, he keeps it TIGHT. I avoided him though, didn’t want to leave the impression of orangey, bloody, soiled me… So, I rushed below deck to change. By the time I rushed back up, I saw the Big Three getting suited up and Earl was giving them weapons. The whole crew I guess had the same idea as I did cause everyone started gathering while Slal and Earl prepped them to go below, I had a hard time getting a good view,  but I definitely didn’t miss seeing them grab each other’s hands and just so heroically start to descend down into the water to go after whatever Prism told them to look for.

After that we all started cleaning off the deck of the ship, and I could feel the tension of everyone. Just stuck waiting, surrounded by mists of red, and worried we may lose more of our crew… I tried pulling Earl aside to tell him how I want a promotion, but he had Prism with him and with the tense air it felt like the wrong time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to talk to him soon…

-The Journals and Chronicling of the Sea Monster by the Great and Glorious, Tariq Daynjerine