Entry #38 of Tariq Daynjerine

Entry #38 of Tariq Daynjerine

It was all I could do to remain calm. I waited for a moment with the alarm blaring- trying to give the guards some distance. I counted to five, and bolted straight up, trying my best to signal the Fathers any way I could. I swung my arms, trying to stay out of the view of any Sahuagin. I tried my best to jump up and down. I tried to show my chest light. Nothing- it looked like they were busy planning. How can they not notice me??

Okay Tariq, I thought to myself. You’re going to need to do something drastic. I prepared myself to clang on the wall and catch their attention as a huge blast rang out, and a mast off a ship started to fall. The glow from the tower goes dark, and I could no longer make out what was happening. Oh gosh, Tariq, you need to hide! The Fathers are done for!

I hopped over the wall, in towards the city, and swam as fast as my legs could push me. There were buildings stacked on buildings, alleys, streets, and what looked like old store fronts. I swam behind some crates and tried to see any sign of the fathers. Nothing. Shit, did they make it over the wall? Did they get captured during that blast? Damn it Tariq, you need to do SOMETHING!

I’m not going to lie; I took a few minutes to bring up the courage to leave my hiding spot. As I stood up, I took a deep breath, and moved out towards the tower. If the Fathers had made it, that’s where they’d go. I swam from alley to alley, ducking behind corners, avoiding any light, and counting out the timing of the red lights oppressive glow. Honestly, Tariq, you’re killing this right now. Once you get back to the Sea Monster, Earl is gonna HAVE to promote you. I mean look at you go, it’s like you’re the stealthiest man since–


The pain shot through me like a liquid lightning across my back. I half-stumbled, half-floated forward. Trying to get my bearings, I turned to find myself face to face with a disgusting monstrosity of a Sahuagin- eyes where they shouldn’t be, extra mouths on its torso. I tried to hold my hands up, tried to defend myself, as it swung it’s weapon out one more time. Then, it all went black.

Everything from there was a haze.

I was chained. Black.

I was thrown in a pit. Black.

I woke up chained to a wall, no one around me. I tried to wriggle free and stay conscious. Black.

I swam in the black for a while, thinking back on my times on the Sea Monster. Everything we had been through– the nights of drink and celebration. The nights in mourning for our fallen. Every scrape and close call. And now you’re going to die down here, and no one will even see it.

I felt hands grab my hair and yank my head up. I was kneeling before a monster. My vision was blurry, I tried to focus but all I could see was a gargantuan, four-armed, covered-in-eyes beast.

“This one isn’t worth the ritual- he isn’t the one who dared try to escape.” He stated plainly- his voice shook me to my core.

“Consider yourself lucky Tariq, you’re going to be seen for more than you ever have been. And you will have me to thank.” and to punctuate his statement, he drove something into my stomach. I tried to scream, the pain the only thing I knew anymore. I tried to struggle, but my open belly stole all my strength. The Sahuagin holding me threw me forward to the ground. It’s cold. It’s all going cold.

Is this really all there was to my story?

-The Journals and Chronicling of the Sea Monster by the Great and Glorius, Tariq Daynjerine