One year ago…

One year ago…

One year ago, we released our first episode. It was an episode that we had recorded several months earlier, one where our characters were still nothing but small fragments in our minds. An episode that we had painstakingly edited through audacity, our only means we knew of at the time (and our levels were very off). An episode that was to be our first and foremost foray into podcasting. We were four best friends who, at the time, were living across the country and had had such a blast playing D&D that we wanted to invite all to listen in. It was then David’s idea to start recording our sessions and releasing them, under the name of From Afar Podcast.

Before we published our first episode however, we all met and talked about what it would mean for this podcast to be successful. For us, success was simply this; telling a story that made us four friends laugh together. Regardless of listeners or downloads, that simple success statement was all we wanted to achieve. Now, looking back over the last year and keeping that statement in mind, we can say with full certainty that we have been an extremely successful podcast. We can hear it in the mirth and merriment recorded at the table. We can hear it in the awed silence as David weaves a thrilling and complex tapestry of nautical narration. We can hear it in the camaraderie and love we four have built over a decade of friendship. We hope that you as a listener, can not only hear those exclamations of success as loudly as we can, but feel included in them with us. We aim to bring a spark of humor and joy into this world that is signed by us and addressed to you.  

Today we cannot help but look back – back across a year of unexpected journey, unexpected lessons, and unexpected friends. We are so excited that we have had an entire year to be able to play this strange game, which originally was just a way to keep us four connected. However, through that goal, it has become so much more. From Afar has connected us to a beautiful community with wonderful, amazing people who are some of the most supportive and inspiring individuals we have known. This podcast has given us the chance to learn more about ourselves, about you, and about what truly makes this game of dice so great.

While we take the time to reflect on this past year, we have to stop and say how thankful we are to all of you that have shown us your support, who have joined us for our event nights, and who have simply been along on the adventure. This last year would not be as magnificent of a time if it were not for you who have shared your love with us – whether it be through your art, through your reactions, or through your excitement.

To all the fellow podcast friends we have made along the way, we want to say it has been an honor to stand alongside you. You have all not only influenced and inspired us, but you have helped us in creating an environment to share ideas, laughter, and fun. From the various collaborations we’ve done down to the simple game nights where we get to just hang out- we are humbled by everyone’s supportive attitude and investment in not just each of our own individual successes, but the success of every one of us in the space. We take pride in being able to not only call you our peers, but to be able to call you our friends.

As we reflect, we would be remiss if we did not show love for one person in particular. Our First Mate, our Cat herder, our Podcast Mom herself, NoxBatty. What started as a message of how much you enjoyed the podcast has flourished into a friendship that has brought so much life to all of us! We will never have enough words to thank you for all the steps you have taken, great and small, to help us grow. As such, we will have to settle for the two most important words. Thank you, Erie, for everything.

Ultimately though, this podcast has been a year of growth for us- allowing us to have the chance to be better story tellers, better content creators, and at the core of things, better friends. It has been a beacon in our own lives that is helped through moving across country, a pandemic, and personal ups and downs. Not to mention it has been the most beautiful excuse to talk to each other every week. This past year has not been without its bumps and bruises, and we’ve had to make multiple adjustments along the way- but we can undoubtedly say that every bump and bruise has been worth it in order to connect with every one of you. So, for one last time, from the bottom of each of our hearts, Thank You FAP Community, truly.

Here is to another year of getting to sit down, shut up, and embarking on this journey together!