Episode 36: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Monster, Chapter 3

We find our Aquatic Ancestors underneath the thick water, standing on the edge of a continental divide. Before them lies an expanse of blue that is pierced by a pulsating red light, emanating from a towering structure of a curious design. From their vantage point, it would seem to be a maw of earth, with jagged teeth rising to meet them, washed in the bloody glow of the central tower. Heavily armed with weapons and deep caution, our Paters make way for the central structure, being drawn to the light as would shrimp to the light of an angler. But, it would seem that swimming with the crushing weight of responsibility and things now known would cause our Furious Fathers to sink slowly as they make their way. That and the weight of Sieghart’s anchor, so stealthily stashed. As our heroes sink, they make landing on the sea floor, seeing a landscape dotted with ships and wreckage among the sinews of kelp. It seems almost too peaceful, among the markers and indicators of a maritime eternity strewn across the sand. But is it just water and wood that sleeps within a forest of kelp? Will they meet only foe, or will there be any allies within these depths? How does Sieghart stow his anchor so easily and unbeknownst to any viewer?? If you wish to know these stowable techniques or any other Scuba Steve tips and tricks, then tune in, from afar, to From Afar Podcast! Time to get MOIST.