Guest Exit Interview: Jared – Tua’Rohk

In this episode we interview our first guest Jared and give him the space to share what it was like guesting on From Afar. It may seem daunting coming into the middle of a story, but Jared rocked it with panache and grace of Sacha Baron Cohen giving an operatic shave on stage. Jared hails from the western regions with a background in film production and is no amateur when it comes to the spiciness of dnd, or at least, it doesn’t seem that way. Ranging from a history that started years ago, Jared articulates a love for role-playing and story telling that was evident before he rolled his first dice. Listen in to hear some behind the scenes goodness, as well as what it takes for a podcasting team to thrive. We at From Afar are incredibly thankful to have had such a great first guest and hope that you as a listener enjoy hearing the finer workings behind our prickly boy, Tua’Rohk.